Ayurveda, The Future of Global Healthcare – Outlook India

Ayurveda, The Future of Global Healthcare – Outlook India

Butterfly Ayurveda’s range of immunity boosters are some of its innovations that help enhance immunity, improve respiratory and overall health.

 The COVID-19 pandemic brought into perspective the fragility of our existing healthcare ecosystem. While the healthcare industry is soughting answers to make it more inclusive, holistic, and affordable in the post-pandemic world, Ayurveda has been playing a significant role in shaping the discourse around the new-age healthcare system. The current crisis is a powerful reminder of the need for more sustainable healthcare solutions, and Ayurveda is the saving grace we’ve all been looking for. Before we proceed, let’s delve a little deeper into the science of life.


Ayurveda is an age-old science that has prevailed in India since the pre-Buddhist era. It comprises a holistic understanding of health and caters to the whole body-mind-spirit complex. It is a life science that throws light upon corrective diet and lifestyle measures, with somatic practices like Yoga and meditation, use of herbal remedies and medicine, and rejuvenation therapies like panchakarma, self-massages, etc. It seeks to eliminate the root cause of health issues and caters to every individual’s unique body constitution.


Many believe that Ayurveda has gained a broad perception of being mostly belief-based. However, a close study of the Vedic texts and interactions with learned Ayurvedic practitioners say otherwise. Ayurveda is established on the principles of an evidence-based, rationalistic, and holistic approach. The ancient texts show that Ayurveda has a unique, well-elaborated, and documented pharmacology, pharmacognosy, anatomy, and detailed understanding of disease pathogenesis.

In the words of Sushruta— “Samdosha samagnischasamdhatu malkriya. Prasanna aatma indriya manaswastha iti abhidhiyate’’. This roughly translates to: “Optimum health in Ayurveda is a state of equilibrium between the doshas, metabolic fire, bodily tissues, excretory products combined with a cheerful mind, high intellect, and keen senses. Disturbance in this equilibrium leads to a diseased state.”

Herbal healthcare manufacturers like Butterfly Ayurveda, an emerging health and wellness brand of India, have played a vital role in educating the masses about Ayurvedic herbs and their use in everyday life with products like Ayurvedic teas, herbal powders, supplements, tonics, and immunity boosters.

Butterfly Ayurveda is an organization engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of Ayurvedic products. Be it healthy snacks, calming teas, nourishing kadhas, or clinically evaluated medicines, BA offers a whole new spectrum of modern, yet authentic, Ayurvedic products that help integrate the power of Ayurveda into our everyday lives.
BA’s R&D department is the backbone of the organization. The department’s approach could be termed as, “Validation of Divine Ayurvedic Wisdom through Scientific Knowledge in the Current Era.” Dedicated to providing qualitative and effective herbal solutions, the R&D department is committed to product development, quality control, and standardization which offers their customers safe and efficacious Ayurvedic medicines and food products.

Ratri Chai, a nighttime tea that helps unwind and restore energy levels at the end of the day.
Pancreofly, an Ayurvedic medicine that helps regulate blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol.

Diabe Choice Cookies, a diabetes-friendly …….

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